Will you promote any song, regardless of the quality?
No, we can’t offer this as the music needs to be able to fit in with our playlist network and curators. A small percentage is usually refunded but we have to make sure our curators will like the songs.

How is this promotion safe?
We make sure we are complying with Spotify’s terms of service, by only accepting songs that we feel are right and we do not offer specific playlist placements as that’s against their terms. All of our promotion is organic with real active listeners across the world.

My Song isn’t out yet, can I still order?
Yes! You can order any promotion before the song is released. Please note the release date when ordering so we can make sure your promotion is secured.

How long are the promotion campaigns?
We offer 1 week & Monthly (4 weeks) promotions, we do this to keep the playlist fresh and to make sure you get enough attention in the list. If you’re looking for longer campaigns please contact us.

Do you promote EP’s or Albums?
Not right now, it’s best to pick a focus song from either your EP or Album that we can promote. We can promote multiple songs in an album but will have to be separate orders.

What genres do you promote?
Any! We have a huge network of playlists and curators we’re partnered with so we can offer promotion to a variety of genres. If we feel it doesn’t fit, you will get a full refund.

How many plays do I get for each promotion?
We can’t guarantee plays as there is a wide variety of factors that go into stream count.

How many followers do I get for each promotion?
All our packages are based on reach and duration, so we do not guarantee a specific amount of followers for your artist profile.

I have a problem with my order, help?
Please contact us on info@myplaylistclub.com

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
Yes! Contact us on info@myplaylistcub.com and we can arrange a suitable deal.